“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.”



Our Mission

In 2000, Astek Erba San. Trade Ltd. Sti. Our company, which was established with the title of, continues its service life by getting richer day by day and combining its experience with its dynamics. In our Astek Erbaa company, application, installation and supervisory services continue by using modern technological opportunities in accordance with today’s conditions.

Our expert, assembly and application staff.. Our administrative and architectural staff.. With the staff guided by their knowledge and experience, they get results quickly and promise trouble-free applications for many years. We look to the future with confidence with our technical infrastructure, which is the reference of hundreds of applications we have made not only in the city where it is located, but also outside our country and borders.

Our Vision

Our country’s structuring, supported by rising technological and infrastructure studies, has determined it to become one of the leading organizations by coming to the fore with its knowledge and experience.

It is the most important element of our company mission to ensure that our customers benefit from the goods and services movements in the most profitable way by combining our experience with all kinds of international equipment and equipment and to protect them from their negative effects.

As Astek Erba facade systems, while providing you with the fastest and most reliable service, it also considers making our applications economical for you.

As a company that is open to innovations, to renew ourselves to you every day, to meet customer demands as promised and on time, and to ensure absolute customer satisfaction with the visual solutions we offer.

Astek Erba Ltd.Şti. / Ankara

Semih Hüseyin DAĞDELEN
Chairman of Board

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